Oral Health

Teach students about the importance of dental hygiene! Utilize the reinforcement activities below to help students learn about the awesome job of a dentist, how to properly brush their teeth, the role calcium plays in strengthening their teeth, how to maintain good dental care and how to make their very own toothpaste. 

1st Grade: Dentists and Other Community Helpers (Social Studies)

In this activity, students will learn the basic functions of community health service providers, review dental tools in a matching game and sing along with the Brushing Song for brushing their teeth properly.

2nd Grade: All About Calcium (Science)

This activity emphasizes the need for calcium to build strong bones and teeth. Students will learn a variety of facts about calcium and how to identify delicious, calcium-rich foods. Students will recognize good groups, uses phonetic decoding strategies, and demonstrate activity for increasing muscular strength.

3rd Grade: We're Making Toothpaste! (Social Studies)

This iLEAP Friendly activity helps students discover how the dental hygiene we take for granted today was dealt with by families in earlier times. It may be used as part of a larger unit on family life, and could include a timeline based on given information. Making toothpaste in class is an exciting and memorable activity that reinforces the need for good dental care to maintain healthy teeth. A basic toothpaste recipe is provided.


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