Nutrition Basics

Teach students the basics of nutrition by utilizing the reinforcement activities below. Students will demonstrate their understanding of phonemic awareness while getting to know the food pyramid. They will also perform basic rhythmic skills with each food group and learn the relationship between eating habits and maintaining a healthy body.

1st Grade: I Eat Peas... Sometimes Cheese (ELA)

Students need much exposure in a variety of ways to grasp the importance of the message of MyPyramid lesson, which teaches the five major food groups and the importance of physical activity. This activity will help them learn more about their food pyramid through rhyming words, distinguishing between poem, fable and fairy tale, and independently writing grade appropriate compositions.

2nd Grade: Moving Up With The Food Groups (P.E.)

Students will learn even more about their food groups while singing the "Hokey Pokey" tune with a twist! This activity integrates other content areas through movement and allows students to experience and express satisfaction from participation in a physical activity.

3rd Grade: Good Healthy Family Meals (Science)

This iLEAP Friendly activity will help students use their knowledge of the food pyramid to plan well-balanced meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They will need paper plates, pencils, crayons/markers, binder rings and a visible MyPyramid poster.


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