Movement & Activities

Get your students moving their muscles and teach them using fun activities! Through the following reinforcement activities, students will demonstrate how sound is made in a variety of ways, identify what animals and plants need to grow and develop, recognize basic body parts and describe its functionality, demonstrate responsibility for personal health behaviors, establish healthy goals, learn how to track progress, exhibit a physically active lifestyle and more!

1st Grade: Head to Toe, Our Bodies Are Special (Science)

From this mini-lesson, students will realize the importance of keeping their bodies special, and that physical activity along with healthy eating: (1) increases energy; (2) keeps the heart strong to pump blood and oxygen throughout the body; (3) builds strong muscles and bones; (4) keeps the body in shape and at a healthy weight, and (5) it's also fun and good for you.

2nd Grade: Real Kids Can! (P.E.)

Real Kids Can is a positive health statement introduced in this activity. It will help students recognize they can become more fit by increasing their level of daily physical activity — regardless of body type, size or athletic talent. With this lesson, students can develop a willingness to participate in new activities and exhibit a physically active lifestyle.

3rd Grade: Town Square Walking (Math)

This iLEAP Friendly activity teaches use of coordinate points to find locations with a large grid made outside with chalk or inside with masking tape *have 1-2 students help). Grid should be at least 6x6 feet, with squares at least a foot square. Students will learn to find lengths between two points, measure length to the nearest yard, meter and half-inch, and find the perimeter of a geometric shape given the length of its sides. This lesson integrates movements concepts with other content areas


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