Heart Health

Teach students the importance of keeping their hearts strong! Utilize the reinforcement activities below to guide students in learning their body organs, understanding the location of the heart and how it functions, being aware of the requirements for maintaining good heart health, and even how to apply skills for managing stress. 

1st Grade: Heart Smart Stories & More (ELA)

Help students complete three engaging, heart-smart language arts activities! They will demonstrate their understanding of phonics by reading high-frequency, grade-appropriate words, use context clues for unfamiliar words, write simple stories with a central idea/event, use specific actions and descriptive words when writing, identify the location of the heart and explain what happens during their exercises.

2nd Grade: See How a Lung Works (Arts & Music)

Make a lung with your students and then show them how it works! In this activity, you'll need white tissue paper, cut into page-size sheets, for each student, and red crayons or markers. Students will learn to locate major human body organs and describe their functions. For creating visual expressions, teachers can draw on their imagination, lead them to an individual experience and also incorporate group activity.

3rd Grade: Rules, Laws & Good Heart Health (Social Studies)

In this activity, students will consider differences between "rules" and "laws", and apply basic concepts of lawmaking and good citizenship to smoking issues and good heart health. While third graders are learning to apply logic, some youngsters still have trouble recognizing that rules are agreed-upon conventions and not absolutes that can never be changed. This activity will showcase how good citizenship can help solve problems and the responsibility of individuals in making a community and state a better place to live.


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