Growing Healthy & Fit

Teach students how fun it is to grow up fit! Utilize the health-focused reinforcement activities below to help students learn to do the following: read and write numerals to 100; write number words for 0-19, distinguish between and follow directions; learn math concepts through movement activities; achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness; recognize the food groups necessary to maintain a healthy body and even describe the relation between eating habits and maintaining a healthy body. 

1st Grade: Getting to Know Mr. Five & Jive (Math)

Although first graders usually learn to tell time later in the school year, this activity introduces basic time concepts by relating them to the Five 'n Jive clock icon. You will need: (1) Five 'n Jive clock sign or poster, (2) watch with a second hand, and (3) blackline worksheet using number words.

2nd Grade: Fidget Buster Stretch (P.E.)

You'll be using the Five 'n Jive signals to gain the students' attention and then lead them in following static stretches, each which are to be held for ten seconds. In this activity, students will learn fundamental patterns, beginning movement vocabulary, how to move each joint through full rand of motion, and more!

3rd Grade: What's in YOUR Lunch Sack? (Science)

This iLEAP Friendly activity gives students practice in identifying the food groups to which foods belong and recognizing what makes a balanced, healthy meal. Remind students that to grow up fit they need to be physically active 60 minutes every day, and eat foods from the 5 major food groups every day.


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