Healthy & Fit Summer Fun

Students can stay fit and healthy while having fun all summer! Utilize the reinforcement activities below to help students review the healthy lessons they learned throughout the year, as well as learn about health information, products and services from media influences and understand the vital role water has in their body. 

1st Grade: Top of the Tooth Review Game (Math)

This total class activity combines a review of addition and subtraction number sentences with other great health concepts, a "Top of the Tooth" game board shown on a blackline worksheet and movements from the Five 'n Jive class poster. Students will use objects, pictures and number sentences to represent real-life situations involving addition and subtraction. They will also demonstrate locomotor skills and an ability to incorporate math concepts through movement activities.

2nd Grade: Growing Up Fit Stars (Art & Music)

In this activity, students will design ads for "growing up fit"! Teachers will lead a brief discussion about advertising on TV, divide the class into four groups to design healthy ads that will help children or adults grow more fit and healthy, and have each group present their ads to the class. Students will learn how media can influence selections of products and services, thoughts, feelings and health behaviors. The activities include singing, playing and lots of movement.

3rd Grade: Water... The Most Important Nutrient (Science)

This iLEAP Friendly mini-lesson helps students use inquiry to understand water's vital role in functions of the body. It also encourages students to drink plain water for better health. Students will learn basic water facts, how water helps different parts of the body work properly and how much water they should drink every day.


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